Family Time #35 Shopping @ Tanger Outlet

 Saturday, after Black Friday Shopping, we also headed to Tanger Outlet in Branson – 2 hours drive from our State.  Tanger Outlet has different signature stores that are selling  items in very low prices compare to malls and other outlets.

On our way to the outlet, we grabbed some drive thru breakfast at Mc Donalds’ then we were stacked in traffic so we had our buffet lunch at Saden Restaurant near the outlet before we started shopping.  We had a lot of shopping to do, me and my husband split up so he can buy his own at men’s store and the kids and I waited for him in children’s store. My kids knows how to shop already, they grabbed their choice of clothes and shoes. Ishi wants to buy some jewels again but I said I will just make one for her. I also love one of the stainless steel bracelets for myself but I didn’t get as well to be fair with my daughter.

Here’s some of our photos of our family advernture

Thanks for sharing your family time with us!

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