Family Time #38 Our First Christmas in Arkansas

It’s our first Christmas here in Arkansas and it was a blast! We may missed how we celebrate it in Pinas but for only a night with our Pinoy friends, we really had a wonderful Christmas! We had fun with games for both kids and adults, simple programs that kids rendered us, raffle and more!

Before we go to the party, we attended 5 pm mass first and then headed to Walmart to do some last minute shopping and went back home again to wrap it and change clothes for the party.

Here’s some of our Photos before going to church….

Ishi gave us her gifts she shopped in school last PENGUIN PATCH…

Ethan got a small foot ball, I got MOM pin and Daddy got a ‘I love Daddy” keychain 🙂

And here’s our photos before going to the party…..

I will post more stories soon!

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5 thoughts on “Family Time #38 Our First Christmas in Arkansas”

  1. wow! I say wow again and just viewed all you Christmas’ photos.. I saw your kids’ eyes turned in a surprise when they opened their gifts from Santa. You and your family sure had a blast celebrating Christmas the pinoy way.. btw, you look very lovely in the photo! hihi.. Merry Christmas to you dear and to your family…Mwah!

  2. wow,great photos, Jes! di pala nag a-appear ang entry ko.. thanks for hosting and finally, i joined again after such a long time of missing your meme! Happy new year!

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