Family Time #40 Playtime @ Jumpzone

We had a very productive weekend last week. Saturday we all went to accompany Ishi to her cheering class. We are inside her class to watch her on her 2nd day pf practice, my husband and I really enjoying watching her and guiding her while we still can. Soon we might not get to be with her anytime so we were taking advantage of time that we still got.

Here’s some of our family time together last Saturday…


and finally Ishi’s cheering class… were all there to watch her 🙂

And Sunday, we attended Ethan friend’s birthday at Jumpzone. He was so excited and happy to finally had a long time to play with his friends. Ishi was there to enjoy the party too and we all enjoyed the day!

The Birthday Boys Jake and ELi

Playtime with Dad

Party Peeps

Everybody was so tired especially the kids, after dinner, they just cleaned up, gone to bed and didn’t ask for a story no more.

What a weekend!

Thanks for sharing your family time with us, it’s fun to hear other fun and exciting stories from you guys!

4 thoughts on “Family Time #40 Playtime @ Jumpzone”

  1. sounds like you had a fun week. and yes, enjoy the times you have for your kids because sooner or later, it wouldn’t be the same…

    happy FT!

  2. what a fun family time you had sis. it feels great for parents to accompany their children on school activities. it inspires the kids to be better and pride narin for parents na their kids are active in school. ang cute ni Ishi, i like her outfit

  3. what’s great about the schools there is the big playground where the kids can run around. great familty time. I miss joining here. I’ll probably have more time on vacation na.

  4. so productive! yeah, you should not miss a single milestone of your kids.. enjoy while they’re still young and give all the support to them.. great family bonding!

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