Family Time #41 Blastful Weekend

We had a busy weekend once again…It’s Ate Ishi’s 1st Game, first actual cheer!  Us usual, we are all there to support her till the game ends.

After the game, we had our drive thru lunch @ Arby’s so we can catch up with 3pm Ice Skate schedule at Lawrence Plaze.  This is my kids’s first Ice Skate and so with me. The daddy tried it before but it’s been a long time so it’s like we all just learned for the first time that day.

Here’s some of our photos …..

I am so proud of my kids especiallymy Birthday boy EThan, I didn’t expect that he will learn faster than his Sister since Ishi  was the one who’s more eager to learn before. This is one memorable day for Ethan and Ishi, cheers for our another milestone!

I am sure you and your family had a great time during weekend too, dare to Share your Family Time, join us every TUESDAY!!!

1 thought on “Family Time #41 Blastful Weekend”

  1. hi sis! looks like you had a blast! happy birthday to your Ethan and congrats to your angels for learning how to ice skate! 🙂 joining this week!

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