Family Time #43 Fun at the Park

Another busy weekend for all of us, tiring but fun! Saturday we attended Ishi’s cheering, after that we went to the grocery to buy some ingredients for my Sushi Roll I made for the evening party we also attended that day. We celebrated JANUARY birthdays and there includes Ethan at one of a friend’s house in Fayetteville. We had fun that night, after we had our dinner and wine, candle blowing and opening of gifts, adults had different brain twisting games while the kids are upstairs playing. It was a fun night! Thanks to our Filipino friends!

Sunday – the daddy did some general cleaning in the kids’ room while I cleaned up in the kitchen. Then after we had lunch I packed some snacks and drinks the we went to the park. We played basketball, boys versus girls and don’t ask who won coz my answer will be ‘I had fun playing!’ Lol! Few minutes we decided to change location and headed to the play area. The kids still has the energy to play while husband and I were so tired and still catching our breath. After the kids played, we had our snack and drinks and for finale we played Frisbee before we gone home.

I wonder what we will do next week again. We missed two birthday parties for the week due to schedule conflicts but next week, I guess we were be able to attend a skate party after Ishi’s cheering. Yay! Another exciting week coming!

3 thoughts on “Family Time #43 Fun at the Park”

  1. hi sis… I’m joining this week… 🙂

    We can’t beat the energy level of the bagets noh? Hubby was telling me we should exercise and do lots of cardio to keep up heheheh 🙂

  2. first time to join!

    hah! kids and their energy! i wish they’d rub some of their powers to us, parents!
    such a fun-filled weekend you had.

  3. sorry, it has been sometime since i last joined, sis.

    those are really fat-burning activities you did, i need more of those on weekends so i can burn some nasty fats, too! 😀

    a great weekend with the family is always tops in my books! ^_^

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