Family Time #47 Shopping For Bikes!

My kids were so excited last Saturday when the daddy told them were going shopping!

The Daddy brought the kids to Academies to look for a bike there but he doesn’t want any of the designs so we transferred to Toys R Us and found these bikes and accessories for the kids.

Hooray!! See the smiles in their faces?

Thank you for coming back and sharing your family time with us!!

6 thoughts on “Family Time #47 Shopping For Bikes!”

  1. Yey! FT is back…But I hope jes, you will choose the option to show other links that are joining this meme. So we could hop on to their post too. 🙂
    Those are nice bikes. I’m sure that makes for a great outdoor activity for Ishi and Ethan. How sweet the daddy is for buying them those things.

    Here’s my FT 🙂



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