Family Time #7 Our First Lunch Out

Hello there fellas! How’s your weekend? It’s rainy Sunday morning here and the wind was scary us usual. Yesterday was supposed to be a rainy day so we didn’t go to any parks but daddy asked us out and have some lunch date with the kids. Kids were so funny when daddy said “kain tayu sa labas” Ishi said, “yey kakain sa labas…magpi picnic tayu!”. She thought when you say kain sa labas means, you are literally going to eat just outside the house and that’s picnic for her! Anyways, husband had a hard time looking in the net where to bring the kids, I asked him to find somewhere that kids can play like Mc Donalds but of course I refuse to eat there, lol.

PhotobucketPicture at with Andy before we go…

PhotobucketSo we end up in Pinacle Hill and still thinking where to eat…kids are in a hurry!

PhotobucketWe chose to eat in a chinese restaurant because of the yang chow – Ethan’s favorite!

PhotobucketHmm….Ethan really love yang chow!

PhotobucketIshi wants to try using the chopsticks!

After lunch, kids had fun playing outside the foodcourt. It’s their first time to play here and they enjoyed it coz it’s something new to them again, they bond with different kids and met new friends. Husband and I enjoyed looking at them while they are playing with other kids, how they interact using pure English language. We are the ones who are excited for them. This is one another great family time for us. Hope we could do it again next time!

PhotobucketKids @ play


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20 thoughts on “Family Time #7 Our First Lunch Out”

  1. i deserve an award! first to link! lol. I can imagine the two kids communicating in english. few more weeks and you’ll see, they will speak in straight english better than you.. lol.

  2. Yang chow is also my favorite, hands down! 🙂
    Good to see your kids had fun…so did you.

    I’m posting my entry in a bit…my internet connection doesn’t seem too cooperative right now.

  3. It’s a nice way to spend the weekend with the family. A simple meal and a visit to a children’s park. The kids enjoyed it at mas tipid pa. Looks like the kids thoroughly enjoyed the playground.

    Joining again the family time. 😀

  4. Hello Mam Jes, sorry for my late linking. Been busy as a bee but heto, nakapag-lik up na rin finally. Wow, chinese restaurant. We love eating there too. May buffet at daming kapilian. 🙂 Thanks for being my 2nd top commenter in Jolly toes. Got the badge of this blog of yours featured there as my thanks. I am featuring 2 top commenters every month from now.

    I linked up my family time post at my hearts content of a mama today.

  5. i’ve been meaning to join your meme ever since it started but too much stuff got in the way, now am so glad to be posting my very first entry just in time (before the linky closes)

    great week ahead;)

  6. wow ideal naman ng family time it!

    gonna join soon…still busy these days..balik school na kasi kami but hahabol ako kasi holiday namin bukas:)

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