Family Time #9 Shopping

Hello there again Fellas!! It’s my 9th FAMILY TIME already and I am very thankful to all of you who are consistently sharing your FAMILY TIME with us. I am thinking of giving away some simple personalized souvenirs with your FAMILY picture in it and you can join wherever you are in the world as long as you are FAMILY TIME participants. But I can’t fugure out the mechanics yet. Hmmm….let me think of that first, don’t worry it will be easy.

For now, let me share to you our Family Time @ Norwest Arkansas Mall before we watch PACMAN-MOSLEY peyperview at friend’s house.

Photobucketpicture taken by dad before leaving the house

Before we go to a friend’s house to watch Pacman’s fight, we headed to the mall in Fayetteville first to look for a PACMAN shirt for me in Nike but there’s none so we end up shopping for the kids and for ME since husband asked me what I like to buy 😀 I have simple preferences, as long as I like it, I don’t care with the brand. I am contented with the fact that he wanted to buy me something, maybe because it is Mother’s day 🙂

Kids shopped theirs in GAP, we were lucky coz I’ve got a mother’s day coupon from them and it saved us 30% from the total price.

Photobucketdaddy and kids

PhotobucketIshi showing her shorts to daddy


And ETHAN showing his “No. 1 DAD” shirt

10 thoughts on “Family Time #9 Shopping”

  1. i like your colors ha! dad should have joined the family pic! 😀 hehe momi, maybe you could also shop for dindin! hahaha

  2. i like the diff. colored shirts…hmmm…i think we will also do this. i have been wondering if we will pursue with our anniversary pictorial but i didn’t know what to wear. this is a good idea. thanks! 😀

  3. woohoo! I’m on time! Hindi na ako late! LOL (excited!)

    nice shirts! Proud to be Pinoys talaga ah! coupon discounts there are so much better talaga compared here in Pinas.

  4. Galing mo pumili nang colors for your kids clothing 🙂 Saya nang mga photos nyo ha. Hindi ako nakapag watch sa kay Pacman na fight. Been busy as a bee.

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