Finally Done with Our 1st Loan

Before we come here, we have plenty of loans. We are in pretty heavy debt. It’s God’s blessing that my husband was sent here in US for work. In that means, he was able to have a better pay and he was able to pay our debts but not immediately coz we just finished it this month. We have our monthly dues since March for that loan aside from our credit cards  and our bank loan for our condo.  Now we are finished with our debts that I thought it’s endless. Thank God He provide us an opportunity like this and I am also thankful that I have a husband as good as mine. We are now finishing our last loan but it will take forever to finish it coz it’s for 15 years and we are only paying for less than a year. More patience and more money to save for us. I wish I would have a job soon so I could help my husband pay for it.

I have so many dreams and I feel like I am so near to get them, everything is getting smoothly for us and hope God will continue to bless us.

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