Food Blog Planning

I am 5 years married now, but I can say that I am a very lucky wife not doing much house chores in those years like cooking, washing clothes and ironing clothes. I am more on cleaning the house. But you know what,  I also feel unlucky not to learn cooking. I may not a good cook but I am actually dreaming of it, have my own kitchen, experiment and cook something for my kids especially for my husband. I am not into dishes, what I really want are desserts, cakes and pastries. Now that we have our own house (rented), I can now experiment anytime I want and have my family eat it after. They are my inspiration to cook, I started cooking when my kids and I got here in AR. My husband knows how to cook already for being alone in 8months so we were now partners in cooking. He’s more on our lunch and dinner and mine was the easiest – the breakfast, snack and desserts. Since we agreed to make this one our hobby, and let our kitchen be our playroom, I wanted to start a separate food blog. A site for my husband and I so we could share our experiments and learnings. I am planning to buy it’s own domain with own  web hosting thing-y so it will be more presentable but the problem is that husband and I can’t think of our header yet. There are few in our minds but we have to decide which one is the one. 😀

Please help us figure out a name! 🙂


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