Food Trip Friday #2 Chocolates Please!

Another happy food trip Friday everyone!

Just wanna share my secret box in the fridge –  a pot of gold!


PhotobucketThis is HERSHEY pot of gold, combination of milk and dark chocolates. Can someone give me some more chocolates but not DARK please. I know dark chocolates are better than regular chocolates, I can eat it but I am not enjoying it. But If someone wants to give me dark chocolates, I would still love and eat it don’t worry. Just requesting for non-dark.

20 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday #2 Chocolates Please!”

  1. Ako naman I prefer the dark chocolates to the regular milky ones. But only because nauumay ako agad sa milk chocolates. Pero tulad mo, I’d still eat it if someone gave them to me. Haha.

    Visiting you from FTF. Happy weekend!

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