For Rent or For Sale?

  Our condo was finally turned over, but the problem is that we can’t hand the renting procedures to our SPA – my mom in law. This is because we needed to send another SPA or Special Power of Attorney to the broker whose going to look for a tenant.  This is the advantage when you are far from your properties and you can’t do it yourself. You have to ask somebody to fix it for you and it’s hassle for both of you. It’s better if we have a tenant coz we can able to deduct it from our budget already. Imagine we were paying 16,ooo pesos a month? That is a big amount that will be lessen from our budget if we have a tenant already renting for the same amount. We are also thinking of selling it already though I am really feeling sad thinking about it. This is our first investment and it’s very precious to us. We have plenty of dreams, we wanted to acquire more properties like those in Hawaii real estate but we can’t do it if we cannot handle it our self.  I am really torn. Should we sell it or just have it rented? My heart is telling me not to but my mind is pushing me to sell it. Whatever our decision will be, I wish it would lead us to a better one.

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