So I am thinking of something to do during kids summer break. I don’t want them to sit around all day playing minecraft in PS3 or watching you tube about it. I planned on doing arts and crafts even just for once a week. Do some MATH and SPELLING practice still and ofcourse READING.But like what I always tell my kids, it has to be balance so I aside from Gymnastics once a week and biking (when weather permits), I also wanted them to have something different to do that we don’t usually do. But since we don’t have budget for anything this summer, I tried looking for affordable activities like our neighbor offered – 2 day ART session for only $20 for both of my kids (awesome!). But that won’t be enough for a month so I looked for more and guess what? BENTONVILLE PARKS AND RECREATION offers so many free  FUN activities not just for kids but for the whole family! There’s free YOGA for me, haha! There’s FIRST FRIDAY FLICKS, FLICK N’ SHARE, SUMMER CONCERT SERIES, Annual Evening at Orchards Park-Bentonville’s 4th of July Fireworks Celebration, Paw Pacer 5k (for those who have dogs) and Shakespeare at the Plaza. 

These are good experience for the kids. These are something they won’t be able to do when classes resumes.  I will start arranging my calendar now so we could make sure we attend and experience these FUN and FREE entertainment!

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