From Urban to Rural

Have you considered living in provinces after living for so many years in the city? I am an outgoing person, I love going out with friends, going to parties and attending events. I also love going to the mall, and different kinds of places that has lots of people, lots of activities and events. But I can also live in provinces. I can easily blend and adjust to my environment. When I first learn that AR is a province, I am imagining provinces in the Philippines where there are no much of nightlife like Chicago nightclubs Las Vegas nightclubs , and  Boston nightclubs. But ofcourse there are some but not as lively as like those clubs that I mentioned. I am not into nightlife actually but I am cool with once in a while party. What I love about here now is that it’s very quiet, not polluted and people are friendly. Wherever I am now, or wherever I will be in the future, it’s okay with me as long as I am with my family.

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