FTF #3 Starbucks Coffee @ Home

Happy Food Trip Friday everyone!

Most Filipinos I know were very fond of ordering in Starbucks, even a very simple employees working in Makati were spending money for this coffee without even noticing that most of their salary  went to starbucks income already. I can’t blame them, I myself love starbucks, the difference is that, I don’t have a work so I don’t have an income to spend in starbucks, LOL.

Good thing there’s a Starbucks products available in stores, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (thanks to my lovidoobs for buying this) now I can have my starbucks coffee anytime I want!


Starbucks  Frappucino- Mocha Flavor


with cream whip on top (cream whip is not a starbuscks product but it’s available in groceries)


yummy whip!

PhotobucketLet’s have some coffee while bloghopping 🙂

Happy 2nd Anniversary FOOD TRIP FRIDAY!

6 thoughts on “FTF #3 Starbucks Coffee @ Home”

  1. My daughter asked me to buy starbucks products at Trinoma Supermarket the last time we visited the mall, Unfortunately, my budget was only enough for a week grocery budget then. You are so loved by your husband for giving in to your cravings dear! Happy FTF!

  2. I have seen this in the groceries, but I’ve been hesitant to buy it :). Now, through your post, I see that it does taste good. I might just go and grab some later 🙂

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