Fun Family Activities for the Fall

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Fall is truly a very pleasant season. Temperatures are usually quite moderate during the day, and comfortable by nightfall. The shadows stretch longer across the landscape, and the barrage of color is shaping up. Fall is the interlude between the extremes of the past summer and those of the coming winter. The birds have flown south, and our gardens are ready for their winter shutdown. We also begin to get ourselves in the mood for what’s to come. High school football games are in full swing, and the sounds of the marching bands indicate that it is that time of the year again. The next couple of months can be pleasant enough to have fun with the family.


But before settling in for our winter respite, there is much to do and much to see in the ensuing weeks. Here are a few ideas to keep the entire family busy and pleasantly occupied this fall.


Take the family on a fall color tour! The farther north you live, the sooner the colors change. Plan your day by checking the fall color conditions in local newspapers to get an idea of the best color viewing times. Join the ranks of thousands of “leaf peepers” who flock to the countryside and forests for glimpses of Mother Nature’s handiwork. Walk under the brilliant gold and crimson canopies, and don’t forget to bring your camera. Get your hands on a field guide of trees and help the children learn to recognize the types of trees by their leaves.


The latest event that many local farmers stage in the fall is a corn maze. The mazes seem to get more elaborate every year. One of the favorite styles seems to be “Haunted Mazes” which are particularly appropriate for the upcoming Halloween festivities. Often the farms have pumpkin sales as well as cider and donuts. It’s a terrific way for a family to spend a day together.


Buying a pumpkin or two or more is always more fun if it is part of a family adventure. Head on over to the pumpkin patch if you are lucky enough to have one close by. Let the children wander through the acres of pumpkins to find their absolute favorite ones. Make sure everyone has their own, so you can have a family pumpkin carving event when you get back home.


Fall is when the last of the farmer’s crops are ready for picking. Apples and apple cider are favorites this time of the year. Many orchards have a self-pick program if you feel ambitious. If you prefer to buy apples pre-packaged, that is certainly an option. Don’t forget the cider. You might be able to watch the apples being pressed into cider. It’s a great experience for the children.


While you are at the corn maze, buy some cornstalks to decorate the outside of your home. Build a scarecrow and set it up among the cornstalks for a real “harvest” look. Celebrate the bounty of the earth. Get out outdoors for a true experience this Fall. Add a few Halloween touches to your house.


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