Genghis khan Exhibit

I received a free tickets for four for Genghis khan Exhibit in Texas. Just in time for our vacation in celebration of July 4th 2 weeks ago,  we also dropped by there to see the exhibit.


The exhibit is very nice, with all the artifacts and the presentation are all nice but since we were with 5 and 4 year old kids, we didn’t concentrate too much n the details. We just enjoyed the view, tried to explain everything inside to the kids but they are overwhelmed with the artifacts display and they want to touch it and play with the others that are exposed. So husband and I didn’t get to read the details inside.

We might not read other information, we enjoyed the displays, they seem very historical and educational, it is really good for kids in proper ages not like mine, lol. t’s our first time to see a mummy and gosh it was unbelievable! It was 800 years already!!!! I wish I could take a picture but we can’t. We also enjoyed the show that comes with the exhibit. The performers sang their native song and played an instrument . The performance was awesome and my kids were very busy and amazed watching them just like the other viewers! That was my first time to hear mongolian music, it’s so good to my ears. And they have very unique way of performance. I love it! Good thing I used the tickets and watched the exhibit. That’s another learning experience.

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