Getting Ready for Christmas

A friend here gave us a 6ft Christmas Tree! I am so thankful I don’t have to buy one and I am so excited to start decorating it. It’s the first time my family will be decorating a chirstmas tree for 5 years of our life.Back in the Philippines, we were only puting a small christmas tree inside our room aside from the Christmas Tree that my Mom in Law putting up in the house, this time we will be decorating our own christmas tree and in our own house! This is a milestone for my family and I am so thrilled. I wanna put it up now but I am still thinking when is the best time to start decorating. Halloween is stilll coming before christmas so I was thinking maybe I should wait till halloween is over.

Aside from decorating, we still have to shop for dining table. We are still using our counter top when eating untill now. My husband and I were thinking of getting a small table that is just enough for us four and get 4 clear acrylic chairs maybe this month. We just had  shopping for kids’ study tables last month and my daughter is still requesting for some country lamp shades she saw in one store while window shopping for GE window air conditioners. We have plenty of expenses coming and we want every budget in place.

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