Getting Ready for Halloween

Halloween is coming! i am so excited! We don’t have schedule yet but I am always ready for it. I don’t have costumes for adult but I am thinking of having one, I want a sexy or a funny Halloween costumes  for me and my husband. My kids will be using the costumes they used when they last attended a costume party. A Kitty for my daughter and an Iron Man for my son. I am thinking of buying them new ones but I guess we will stick to what we have right now. I got my daughter a Cinderella Princess Costume but it’s too big for her so she can’t use it this year. I also want a bumble bee costume for my son but it’s gonna be an additional expenses for us so no bumble bee for now.

Halloween is my favorite occasion next to Christmas and birthdays of my kids. I really love this event and I don’t want my kids to miss this especially now that were here. Halloween is very popular here, I have seen so many house with Halloween decors infront of their house. I am thinking of putting some decors in front of our apartment too or just infront of our door too!

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