Gifts For Ishi’s Classmates

After Ishi’s birthday, I am going to start my next project and it’s gonna be – making something for Ishi’s classmates as Christmas Presents. I have no job till now and as much as I wanted to help my family, I can’t financially coz I am not currently employed so the best thing I can do is use my skill and make my own gifts instead of buying it from a store with higher price. I am thinking of making beanies for her classmates but the problem is that, beanie is hard to do, it will take time and I am not sure if I can make 17 beanies till christmas. So I am thinking, aside from making beanie, scarf and bow, I guess I will start making bracelets instead. I saw this celtic jewelry online and I love the designs so I will probably use them as inspirations to make even I haven’t tried making one before. I have free tags with me given by Charm Factory so I will use them as part of the bracelet. I am still in process of buying my materials online and I hope everything will turn out well and hope the kids will love it!

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