Gloomy Weather

Have a great TUESDAY everyone!

Hubby seemed getting well already but still has this slight body pain and head ache. I’m glad he ate his rice meal this morning. He’s been eating soups and porridge for the last 2 consecutive days and that’s not good for his health.  May God help him redeem his strength and gets back to normal and good condition.

It’s cloudy day today, but checking on the weather forecast, tonight is gonna be another rainy with scattered storm weather until tomorrow. Thursday and Friday is gonna be sunny but Saturday and Sunday is another gloomy rainy and stormy weather. It’s okay if it’s just raining but raining with a sick love one in the house is not so good to me. I hope he’ll get well soon and I hope the weather will become good next month. We will surely not gonna able to visit any park this weekend because of the weather but it’s okay I’m sure we’ll go to parks again maybe next weekend or next next weekend. If not, we will just look for another adventure like caravan holiday parks I’m just not sure if there’s one in Bentonville.

April 26, 2011 Weather

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