Goodbye Citi Card

Farewell CITIBANK card, you served as well! ­čÖé

This is my last words after we finished the┬áCredit Card Payment Processing. A┬ácostumer representative talked to us last week and cut out our card immediately. I didn’t check my online statement no more coz finally it’s closed. Thank God!

It’s been 6 years, having a credit card is really a big help to us but it’s also a pain in the ass when you get┬áburied┬áto debt! We experienced it so many times and it’s not so good! It’s just nice to have a card for emergencies, it is really important that you know how to use your card properly. You should not be bringing it when going to the mall or somewhere you think you might see something that you can’t resist not to buy. I know, it’s tempting! I experienced it so many times!

We never got the chance to close it earlier since you cannot close a card with large amount of debt right so the interests continued killing us til we finally finished it just last month! It’s a great feeling – living without a debt! We still have another credit card but my husband is really good in handling expenses so it’s just okay. And as for me, I think it’s a big NO to Credit Card anymore! I am good with my Debit Card!

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  1. that’s good news for you and your family sis. We have the same sentiments with regards to credit cards. We are also slowly trying to re structure our budget and CC is the biggest pain in the a$$.

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