Goodbye iPhone4s, Hello iPhone6plus!

“Patience is a Virtue” is the best way to describe what I’m feeling when I got my new iPhone6 plus 11 days ago.


My first SELFIE with iphone6 plus 4/11/2015

I’ve been very patient for past year using my old phone that has been acting up for a long time on me like it was trying to say “get a new phone and let me go!“. I told husband to renew my contract and buy me an iphone6 when it got out of the market but he didn’t get me one.After few months when I am getting so tired of my old phone, I told him to just get me a free phone and it doesn’t matter what kind as long as it is functioning properly but he said NO again. I don’t wanna pressure him since he’ll be the one paying our bill and phone so I gave up!


my over 3 year old iphone 4S

The day before April 11,  he got promoted! Yay! But since I already gave up on asking him for a new phone, I just asked for Zumba Shoes! I know it almost kinda priced the same but I know he’d rather buy me what I really need. So we went to the mall and surprisingly, we went to AT&T and asked me what kind of phone I wanted instead of stopping at the shoe store. At first I am no longer excited, it get passed me I guess. But once I got it on my hand and tried it, I was like a 3 year old that gotten a new toy! I was so excited and super happy!



I love my new iphone 6 plus and I am hoping it will last longer that my old one. I don’t need anymore fancy phone, I just want a well functioning one with ofcourse nice camera for my selfie and large memory capacity for all my photos!

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