Happy Birthday Joy Mendiola!

True friends are hard to find, there are only some people that are naturally closed to your heart even just for short span of time of being together and I can tell if it’s real or not. I have lots of friends but few of them were really that close to me. So as much I can, I wanted to keep these people in my heart no matter how far they are.
One of the ‘newly met’ friend from blogniverse that is already close to my heart is in Pinas, she is now celebrating her birthday today, July 12. I may be miles away from her and not be able to celebrate and party with her today, I would like to take this opportunity to greet her a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, she’s no other than JOY of Occasions of Joy!!!!


I don’t know much about JOY, all I know is that I first met saw her in ParenTin’s seinar at Taguig. Second is when Pehpot invited us to Sati’s first birthday and she was the host. After then, I met Bedai which happen to be her assistant who attended an event of Baby Company for her with no camera in hand. So she asked me if she can grab my photos and give to her Ate Joy. What kind of assistant is that sent to an event with no camera, Lol. Peace Bedai!  Then that started JOY contacting me asking for a copy of a photos from baby company event. But we didn’t get close because of that until a Christmas party was cooked, party for the close bloggers only and Joy was also there. Joy looked ‘suplada’ ‘mahinhin’, and ‘sosyalera’ to me, but HELL NO! She’s the OPPOSITE! Hahhahahaha!!! There we discovered our so many common characteristics and then we started to like each other.  Barubal at magulo at higits sa lahat ma-L din pala, akala mo mahinhin! Lol. After then we are meeting again into several events and sometimes chatting so early in the morning and then she started to call me ‘breakfast in bed’. Unfortunately I have to leave and have to say goodbye, but before I left, this JOY and others gave me a very touching, unforgettable ‘surprise pajama party’ which is I don’t know how they’d come up with that idea coz I was surprised coz that is what I am actually dreaming. I really wanted that Pajama Party but I can’t afford to hold a despedida party. (Thanks to all my blogger friends who made that night possible! I love you all guys!) But I am really thankful to JOY coz I am sure she’s the master of this event where she even asked his husband to sponsor a Hotel for us! Oh, so sweet! I didn’t expect it from someone I just knew. I really appreciate your kindness JOY! I hope you stay as sweet as you are forever! Thanks for all the kindness and friendship!




(Photos courtesy of my dearest friend NORA of More Than Just a SAHM 😀 Thank you for the photos and for giving my gift to Joy! Mwah! We both made her happy!)

Hope you like my simple gift, coz you DESERVE to have it!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Joy Mendiola!”

  1. You really made me happy Jes!!! What can I say, life really gives surprises, surprises. I knew from the start we’d click, ang kulit mo din e. I like people who enJOYs life, and shares their happiness to others. You’ve made my madaling araw
    fun with our chats. I LOVE YOU JESSELYN!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to My trusted friend i love you joy , kahit di na tayo nag uusap everyday’ dito ka pa rin sa puso ko. mwah

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