Hobbies and Leisures

Aside from traveling, going to the park, watching movies, shopping, eating outside and malling, what else can a family would do during their free time?

Aside from those, husband and I can’t able to do our personal leisures. Unlike back when we were in the Philippines, husband and I were able to go out alone because we have our parents to look after the kids, but now, we can’t do it anymore. There are plenty of things hubby and I want to do but we can’t do it now since kids are so young to be left home alone. We also don’t want the kids to stay with other people. somehow we were missing our life back there.

One of the things husband and I want to try is the airsoft game. One time his friends asked us to play with them but we didn’t able to go forand I forgot the reason why already. I don’t know exactly what is airsoft but one thing is for sure, it is surely fun playing that with my hubby. Aside from that, there are lots more hobbies and leisure we wanna try like we wanna do mountain climbing again. We also wanna try surfing and scuba diving.  These things are our dreams but I guess we can’t be ablt to obtain coz our kids still needs us to be their side all the time. For now, watching movies and travelling is the best thing to so with our kids. We will do the thing we can’t able to do by now when our kids grow a little more.





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