Hot and Cold Weather

Last Wednesday has a good weather, it’s the best time to go out and play around with the kids so we went for a jog under a very hot sun. I thought of going swimming but the kids doesn’t have a floater yet so we decided to play soccer ball instead. That night husband shopped for kids floater and swimsuits for me and so we were able to swim in the morning. The kids were so happy and excited but it was windy and they are shaking after 30 minutes swimming. Theres a sun but still, the wind was making them freeze so we didn’t stay there long. I just said we were going to swim again next time.

Today, we were supposed to swim again but it rained. We just stayed at home, played with the kids and watch movies. My kids are asking me to go out and play soccer again but someone called on the phone offering me to buy acid cigars online and gave out their site. We talked for some minutes until the kids forgotten about what they are saying awhile back and they back playing again. So I just let them play and I went back to sit infront of my computer. Hope to have good weather tomorrow so we could swim again.

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