House Construction Day1

After all the process and waiting period, our house construction was finally started yesterday, October 2nd. My kids and I visited the lot after school and this is what we saw – they already cleaned up the lot, removed the grass and made some borders out of strings. I guess it’s a reference where to dig. I am really not sure and I wasn’t able to ask coz I needed to go back to work after.

My kids are more excited than me. They looked around and wonder what’s happening and how they will start to construct our house. They were so excited that they can already imagine what it’s gonna be like and what’s gonna be in the garden, in the yard and inside. They even imagined a walkway designs ! It’s funny how they imagine things. I am pretty sure they wanted the house to be completed soon! They are excited with their new room, new living room and especially bathroom and kitchen! They can’t wait to see the entertainment room and the backyard as well. I hope everything will be fine according to God’s plan. I just can’t wait! Will post updates again next time!



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