House Decors

I am thinking on what decor should I put in the kids room and in our room. Aside from those hanging frames with our pictures, I would like to personally make an art inside the kids room. I will buy a canvass where they can paint on their own and I will hang in their room. I am also planning to buy educational displays like alphabets, numbers, shapes and more. In our room I am planning to make in just simple as it is, I just wanted to add more plastic boxes for my balloons and other stuff. In our living room I am still thinking if I have to put decors coz my kids are so hyper and I don’t want to clean up everytime they are playing in that area. But I wanted to put some unique display like Brass Sundials, some vases and small frames on the table.  I am not just sure if husband will agree with that…let’s just see.

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