House Down Payment – Paid!

I really can’t hide my excitement over our future house! Finally it’s sinking in to my brain, this is it, we’re gonna have our future house soon! We already paid the downpayment and soon after our next meeting with the builder, they are gonna start the construction soon!

Looking for a house is so complicated especially when you want so many things but you only have a limited budget. We’re lucky we found a good realtor and she was able to help us meet some of our preferences. We didn’t able to get all what we wanted but we are atleast happy and contented with the customized layout the builder gave us. Some of the things that we got are, our 4 bedrooms and 1 office ,the backyard that we always wanted, and the second floor that for I have no idea why my kids want it so bad and the best part is that, we can get to choose our preferred color of the house, the color of the cabinets, tiles, wood floors and carpet! 

Now that were almost there, I am hoping everything will be okay. After this stage, we still have plenty of stuff to look at. We are still going to look for our furniture, appliances and some gardening from crowders garden centre.  We are just hoping that no more extra expenses will come our way while we still saving for it.

2 thoughts on “House Down Payment – Paid!”

  1. Too happy for you Ate and to your whole family! 🙂

    One day, I’ll be able to afford to build the dream house of my parents. I’ll do that before settling down! Yea! :))

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