How’s Your Holy Week?

I missed the Holy Week in Pinas, I love the long vacation from Holy Thursday to Good Friday then add up the weekends total of 4 days vacation, No work but has PAY! Whoa! What a life! In here employees were no holidays even a short breaks. Nothing really! Holy Thursday and Good Friday is like a regular day, but it’s okay if you take your vacation a day or two coz they will just deduct it from your salary, your choice! Lol. Our Holyweek turned just fine, I had my prayers and some reflections. Had a gloomy Saturday coz hubby was sick till now actually, but kids and I had a fantastic Easter Sunday Celebration while daddy was just resting. No matter how we celebrate our holy week, a short or long vacation, the most important thing is that we remember His passion and resurrection. Jesus loves us all!

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