Hubby and Me “Thurs-Date”

So it seems like Thursday is set to be our weekly “Alone Time” while kids are at their Gymnastics class. I’m glad we have this moment. It’s not that much time, but it’s still a good time for us. We drop them off at 6:30, we arrive at our destination in 5 mins, we walk/run for 30 mins then drive back to pick up the kids few minutes before they are done at 7;30. I love this routine and I am hoping we continue doing it all the time (if weather and our health permits). 

Here are some of our photos together…

11063916_880154872076117_1829963327247919678_n 11695976_876675745757363_4797218523545279088_n 11807764_883798385045099_1089245525398588567_o

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