Hubby is Sick :(

Aside from the latest hail storm last week, it’s been raining here in Bentonville for how many days now. The weather is not that cold but not so good at all. Husband started to feel not good last Friday when he came home. He started feeling his throat is aching again (that’s his common sickness so that’s not new to me) so I gave him bunch of vitamin c. Unfortunately, it’s not effective anymore so I gave him paracetamol. He’s feeling weak and he rested early that night. Saturday, he still not feeling well so he slept all day thinking that resting would take effect. Good news is that, his rest seemed effective so Sunday morning he went to wallmart to buy something we need for Easter Celebration in one of his’ friend’s house. He drove us there, we had lunch but after that, his sickness attacked him again so he ends up sleeping that day while my kids and I were enjoying the activities. So until now he’s still sick and not getting any better yet. Tomorrow is Tuesday and that would be his 2nd day of ‘no work no pay’, that’s not my concern actually, it’s his health, I guess we really need to have him checked by the doctor tomorrow.  I wish he gets better already. I’m getting depressed when this kind of situation happens but I am trying myself not to coz I know they are counting on me. I am just entrusting everything to God and hope He will give my husband’ strength soon.

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