Husband Needs a Break

I can feel when hubby was so tired and stressed with so many things. Moving here in Arkansas is not that easy. One thing that is not good about him working here is that he doesn’t have a leave or any kind of benefits. Husband is so dedicated to his work, he is not the type of guy that giving up so easily whenever he’s stressed or something. He is so hard working yet I can tell he really love to have some break. He’s planning to have a vacation but he can’t decide yet because he doesn’t like to waste even one day leave without pay. He’s so worried with our bills. I wanted to help him that’s why I am so eager to work already but I can’t by now. I am telling him to go out with his friends alone sometime and have fun. Husband loves to play billiards and he has a friend who’s asking him to play billiards with him. I ask him to go but he doesn’t like the billiard house near the area, he said they are lack of billiard supplies there┬ámaybe that’s why he’s not going with his friend and staying at home playing star craft in his computer. I think that’s the cheapest outlet of stress he could ever think.

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