I had a BLAST on my BIG DAY!

I didn’t expect anything like this on my 30th birthday. I thought it would be just a simple and ordinary birthday that will pass by just like my other birthdays when I was younger. Though I always wanted a nice birthday party, I never expected any since we can’t afford to have one. I am so contented with the greetings and a simple spaghetti or sometimes nothing at all in our table. Like what I have said, I am not expecting any but I am dreaming of having one and it happened last AUGUST 5th and keep on coming! I have wonderful FAMILY, FRIENDS and RELATIVES! They made my 30th Birthday wonderful, memorable and so SPECIAL! Thanks to all of you! I will never forget this year of mine!

Especial Thanks to my HUSBAND who surprised me with SB700. To all my blogger friends who sent thoughtful gifts, cards and postcards. I know I requested for POSTCARDS but it really touched my heart for sending me. And in addition to that some sent me gifts that I didn’t expect. I feel so blessed! Thanks to my friends also who sent me postcards too and to those who are going to send me (I am patiently waiting). To my family who celebrated my bday at home in their own special way and I am glad they are celebrating my existence in this world! Haha! I love you all! And most especiall to my ARKANSAS friends who celebrated exactly on the day of my BIRTH even they are all tired from work and actually still working while celebrating with me! ahhahahah! I so love these people! My WONDERFUL was made by one of them and so with my cutie banner. They also brought foods for me. The best part was the gift my husband and I received LOL. I love it guys!! AR Friends….Thanks!

Thank’s to all of your GREETINGS in FB! God bless us all! 🙂

2 thoughts on “I had a BLAST on my BIG DAY!”

  1. you deserve to happy. Your positive views in life is the key for whatever you have right now. Stay that way and always pray and thank God for the blessings. Again, Happy Birthday!

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