I Have Upcoming Giveaway!

I am blogging for more than four years now, for a change, I am going to hold a GIVEAWAY so soon. I ams o excited, it’s my first time and I am feeling nervous. It’s not that big and not complicated since I hate complicated instructions. Open to all Canadian and US residents so please hang in there and join my giveaway soon.

Let me give you a hint about the “giveaway”. My giveaway is not something grand, its just a simple one yet it’s something very cute, very useful and very attractive. Another hint, since I love personalized items, it has something to do with it. To those who are new in my site, let me just tell you something about my personalized collections. I have plenty of them. I have bags, glasses cloths, dog tags, coinpurse, watch, keychain, fleece blanket and many more. I am also eying for some personalized napmats and toddler bagpack from Stephen Joseph but I can’t buy them yet. More hint? Hmm…it is something that any body in the family can use. Can you guess it now?

I am so excited guys to start this giveaway. I am hoping and wishing more could join me in my first ever giveaway. Please join okay? Thanks!

Can you guess now what is my possible giveaway?

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