I Love Hot Shower

Weather is getting crazy again. I thought it would be hot nowadays coz summer is coming but no, it’s freezing cold again.   Last weekend we didn’t have a chance to go outside and have fun. We’re supposed to go swimming but we can’t go out because of the cold weather. So we stayed at home during that weekends, air conditioner heater is open all day. I am so thankful there’s a heater coz if there’s none, gosh I will freeze to death.

During this kind of crazy weather, I love to take a shower. It’s so nice to have a  cast iron radiator for water heaters. Back in our former house, we used to boil water in the tea pot if we want to take a hot bath, it’s hassle.  But now, we just have to turn on the shower, set it in hot and you can enjoy your hot bath. If ever we will be having our own house soon, I must have a better heater. I actually found a nice one to shop on  cast iron radiator of different designs.  I think Paladin Radiator has lots of them and they can also deliver the products so it’s much more easier right.  Since I love hot shower, this is the first thing in my list when we have our own house already.


3 thoughts on “I Love Hot Shower”

  1. kame rin nagpapakulo ng tubig=) hehe. we still don’t have a heater installed in our new home. pero di naman kailangan. masyado mainit sa pilipinas

  2. nothing like a hot shower at the end of the day to relieve you of all the tensions and the stress, not to mention ang mga muscle pains here + there 🙂

    stopping by from tbe

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