Rea Estate

I have so many stuff in my mind right now, aside from ofcourse it’s my birthday today and I am just blogging about it now before I cook something for my birthday dinner party tonight. I just realized I want so many things that my mind can’t no longer think where to start. My aunt just called me yesterday, greeted me a happy birthday and then talked about the house and lot  I am offering to her when we saw each other in the Philippines few months ago.  She’s an OFW and I am giving her suggestions to invest a house even just a small one and affordable. We talked about it, she asked too many questions, the payment schemes, the loans, etc, and after that I realized I miss that job! Passed by to idx website just now and saw some real estate ads there. I am having a nostalgia.  And now I am thinking of going back to that business again. The last time I was thinking was, I wanted to do BALLOON ART business, and now I want real estate again. It’s so funny coz when I came here three months ago, the first thing I am thinking was to put up a school! Geez! See what I mean?  Now my mind was getting crazy now. But really, I miss Real Estate career. I wish I could still pursue that while making balloons and planning to put up a school at the same time. I know that’s a lot but who knows?


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