I Want a Bathroom Scale

I’ve been observing myself and my kids, I wonder If there’s some changes in our weight. I really need to buy a bathroom scale so I would know if there’s a changes. My goal for my kids is to gain some weight while for me is to lose, lol. No kidding, I am expecting my body to lose weight. Why not? My food intake is still the same as before but the difference is that I am doing house chores now. Imagine we only have 3 stools in the house, we are four in the family so expect that I am the one standing while eating, that’s fine with me, I actually like that case because It’s better for my tummy. After we eat I am cleaning the table, washing dishes and so on and so forth so I am expecting I will lose weight for I feel like I am burning some while doing the households.  I don’t need to go to the gym anymore. I wanted to try diet pills before but I am a little bit afraid coz I’m not sure what a diet pills like oxyelite pro side effects are but I may be using one if I gain more weight. Oh, no! Don’t say that! I don’t wanna gain weight anymore! I want to eliminate fats in my tummy! I really need to buy a bathroom scale so soon so I could monitor our weight and go to our goal!

4 thoughts on “I Want a Bathroom Scale”

  1. Hi sweety ok lang ba kung mag xchanges link tayo? sana ok lang paki contact mo naman ako pls kung sakali.maraming salamat dhai!

  2. same here i want to eliminate some fats in my tummy but its so hard for me hehe … Anyway i’m your old follower here thanks for following my blog.

  3. hi i’m visiting via the blogger exchange. the april links are out and i believe my link has an error because of an extra character. if you will ever put up the links on your blog, please edit mine to http://tagadavaoko.blogspot.com thank you so much!

    i’m still working of my links though! 🙂

    thanks again 🙂

  4. i have a bathroom scale too and monitor my weight often but nothing really improve with regards to my weight.. 🙁 maybe i should consider taking pills now..

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