Important to us

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

Traveling is really important to my husband and I and now that we’re retired we’re doing it more and more. I love that we can just pick up and go whenever we want and don’t have to ask for time off and since the kids are all spread out all over the country we’ve always got somewhere to go. I am planning a three-week vacation for us in the South of Francewhich is somewhere we’ve both always wanted to go and my husband says he wants to do a cabin in Montana for Christmas. I looked into home security providersin our area because I feel like with us gone all the time it just makes sense to spend a little extra to keep the house secure and my husband agreed. It’s just so nice being totally untethered and totally available to do whatever, whenever which I guess is what we worked so hard for all these years! My husband and I have the same idea about what makes for a great retirement!

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