Improving My Sites

I am maintaining more than thirteen blogs already, some are frequently posted and updated but some are just waiting for me to fill in some articles and or daily experiences. I know I can’t handle such plenty of blogs but I am trying to. One at a time, I am putting some write ups but I am more focus on my personal blogs since I can write plenty about my family there. For now, I am improving New Home Sweet Home and thank goodness it has PR or pagerank of 2 already! I am working on my Personal blog, Me Myself and Jes and hoping it would gain PR soon.  Next will be my kids’ site Me, Myself and Jes in America and the others. I wish to apply my blogs in any SEO Services but I can’t afford it yet. For now, joining a group, a meme and hosting a giveaway and contest is the easiest and can afford thing to do to enhance my sites.

My blogs have different niches and it’s hard to maintain if you have nothing in mind to write. My favorite niche blog of mine is the Arts and Crafts where I can put all my balloon arts, photobooks and all of my hobbies. Other niches are Travel, Food, Movies and Entertainment, Health Blog, Photo Blog and more!


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