Investments for the Future

 Have you ever think of an investment that is not requiring you to bring out lot of money?  Most of the business I am thinking needs a lot of money.  I was hoping I could buy a big lot where I can build an apartment of 10-12 doors and have it rented. But before you can do that it requires million of money. I am also thinking of franchising a fast food soon but just like the first dream of mine, it also requires million of moolah.

I met an Indian friend here and learned from her the value of jewelries especially the gold ones. I know gold are precious, I know that you can pawn them in case of emergencies. But I didn’t know that gold can also be a good business. A friend thought me of buying golds when it has a low value and sell it when the price increases and that’s the time she’ll get cash for gold ! Sounds like buying a stocks for me and selling it when the value of stocks increases! Cool right? Perfect for girls who are not into buying stocks. The good thing about these golds is that, you can wear and use it while it’s in your hand coz it can never become old even it is already used. The value is still the same! Now I am starting to think of investing gold jewelries. I always wanted to collect jewelries before but not for business but I think its the best time to start collecting and start the business!

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