Irish Car Bomb @ Party Filipinos!

My family has a very busy Saturday last weekend. I mentioned here already that we’ve been in different places before going to the park but did you know that our day didn’t finish there yet? We still attended a dinner party in one of daddy’s friend’s house near our place.

The party is not a real party actually it’s just a get together atleast once a week but I am calling it Party Filipinos (from the show’s name ‘Party Pilipinas‘). What I love about joining this group is that I am learning so much from them especially from the girls. Aside from learning from them,  laughing and singing with them is more fun! I also love the new beverage (alcoholic) they made me taste, the so called “Irish Car Bomb”, I have no idea why it’s called like that but it rocks! I just hate the alcohol in it. I wanna try it again next time but not too much for I hate throwing up!

Photobucketcreate your own drink :))

Photobucketvideoke time

Photobucketkids’ having their own party

Photobuckethere comes the ‘irish car bomb’!

I am looking forward for more Party Filipinos!!!

1 thought on “Irish Car Bomb @ Party Filipinos!”

  1. sarap nman ng party. i miss drinking! kaya lang ayoko na yun bad for the health. 🙂 baka ma-ospital na naman ako…hehe.

    yes mommy, i host 2 memes on separate blogs. thanks sa pagsali mo parati. 🙂 will also make time for your meme every Monday 🙂

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