Is Your Child’s Speech Development Normal

Did you know that a normal baby, at 12-18 months will starty saying his or her first words? The baby would also be able to understand words and certain directions. This is the time to teach the meaning of “No!” During this stage, the baby would know his or her name and will usually turn his or her head once that beautiful name is hurled in the air echoing to his/her (hopefully not deaf) ears. Although it will be mere babbling, you will understand that sentences are tried to be expressed and these are not short ones but long babbling sentences. It will also be a stage when the baby would love to look at picture books. How does your baby fair?

If you think your baby is not showing any of these normal signs, then it’s time to have early intervention speech therapy. The earlier it is detected, the better will be the positive result and the more you delay, the lesser is the chance to get back to normal. It is a child’s life and for sure social skills will also be affected as a result of slow speech development. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. While late is better than never, earlier is still much better.

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