Ishi’s 6th Birthday Celebration

 Today is going to be my daughter’s 6th birthday celebration. Her real birthday is on November 14th but we cannot do it that day coz that is Monday so Weekend is the best option and today, Saturday is the only available slot in Jumpzone, where my daughter is celebrating her birthday. Last night I finished making some balloons stands for her. I also made some balloon center pieces in barbie cups. I prepared goodies such as party bags for girls and boys of different colors.

Birthday celebration here is totally different from our country. Food is not a big deal and when you say children’s party, it means literally, only for kids. My last experience of attending a birthday party starved me to death. I didn’t eat before we leave thinking that I will be eating in the party (shame on me, lol). But when we arrived there, I noticed that the only food was cupcake and it’s only for kids. There are lots of cupcakes so they offered it also to adults. Some said Thanks and didn’t get but I am so hungry so I tool two, one for me and for my husband. After then, I learnt that party here is not like in our country that has lots of foods and everybody has bunch and bunch of food in their table. On Ishi’s birthday, the food is gonna be a slice of pizza and a drink and I ordered some Cupcakes too.

Hope eveyrone enjoyed the party and food and goodies! I am hoping to see more of Ishi’s classmates and freinds today.


2 thoughts on “Ishi’s 6th Birthday Celebration”

  1. wow, so fab naman ng loots, hehe..happy birthday Ishi! enjoy your party..
    yeah, less preparation time for food! food and the presence of more adults in children’s party happens only in da pilipins! 🙂

    1. I agree! but imagine 10 dollars per kid, 1 hr play in inflatables and a slice of pizza and drink!? 😛 that’s a lot of chicken joy or mc chicken already :)) lol

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