Ishi’s Cheering Class – Day1

Did I mention that Ishi was enrolled in a cheering class and she started her class last Monday, January 2nd? Daddy enrolled Ishi the day he saw the pamphlet from their school. He’s more excited than us girls! He wants to enroll Ethan to Basketball too unfortunately he was too young to join so he has to wait for another year or two.

Upward Sports

Here’s some of the videos my Ishi on her first cheering….

and some photos….

Nazarene Gym

Start of the class…

Ishi and her Coach Stephanie

Cheerleading Kit

She’s so excited and we were so excited for her….

1 thought on “Ishi’s Cheering Class – Day1”

  1. way to go ishi! me pagmamanahan talaga.. i remember your photos during college.. nice one! cute naman ni ishi. sana si ethan, makapasok na din basketball.. 🙂

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