Ishi’s School – Open House

We haven’t bought  Ishi’s stuff yet, we will probably buy on weekends since daddy is always tired from work during weekdays. We just attended Ishi’s school a while ago  for their OPEN HOUSE and Ishi seem to love her new school. That’s a good sign and that means we will not have any problems with her in school. Husband and I was so happy that she liked it. She played with her new seat mate already and enjoyed the tour in her new school.

Everybody was asked to bring the kid’s stuff but like what I said we don’t have it yet so we will just probably bring it on Monday. We are all excited for Ishi’s new school, new journey and experience. We know that she is very dependent and very strong and she can easily deal with any new things she will encounter and can easily tag along with new friends too. We were so proud of our daughter for having that kind of characteristics. We were hoping that on Monday, she will cooperate, wake up early, ride on a bus without me or daddy and enjoy her first day in school! I will have to fix her stuff that she will bring on Monday to school and make sure that I put custom stickers on every stuff she brings. That is the only problem with her, she don’t know how to keep her things safe in her bag. She always lose it. But all in all, we sure have no problem with her.

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