It’s the very first time since we came here that my husband left at night to go back to his office which is 30 minutes away from home to work. The three of us left at home and I am worried for the three of us.I am not thinking of anything bad will happen, I dunno, maybe I am just used of having somebody with me when husband is not around back when were still in the Philippines. I am aware that it’s part of his job and I can’t do anything about it. It’s just that I am not comfortable for him going back to the office during the night. He’s been working all day and he didn’t even get a rest for a while.

My husband’s job is not that easy. I can see how difficult it is. Most of his time of the day were spent working. I feel sad about it. He doesn’t have time to do some extra activities for himself that’s why when he’s playing during weekends, I am just letting him play as long as he wants. Facility Management Software is somewhat similar with his work. I am not pretty sure how to describe it but I am sure it’s hard! Haha! I am a blogger and the only programming language I somehow understand is HTML and I already find it hard, what more with those Java, C, C++ and so many more! Oh, gosh good thing I took Psychology course!

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