Junk Pick Up

It is almost a year now since we moved back to the house.  But seems like it was just few weeks ago.  Our house still needs general cleaning and repainting.  We have nonfunctional appliances that need to be disposed.

When we moved back to the house, the yard looks good.  Although the renters have pets, they managed to maintain the house’s interior.  We are so happy to be back.  Everything went well as planned.  Because we were expecting an additional person to the family, the move was a good timing.  The renters?  They found a new house closer to their workplace.  We were thankful to have good people who leased our house for two years.

Now, we have a couple of nonfunctional appliances in the garage.  We cannot use them anymore.  And the repair costs are much closer to the price of brand new ones.  Better buy new, right?  My FIL offered to pick them up when he comes over for a visit.  But we do not want him to worry about it.  I feel awkward and shy.  My husband contacted an Appliance removal Chicago service in the area. They will be picking up the junk any time this week.

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