Kid’s Toys

My kids both loves to play inside and outside. They are physically active and very imaginative as well. They can stay at home all day without getting bored. Like what I said they are so imaginative and anything inside the house can be their toy. My kids have few toys as of the moment, we haven’t bought them new toys yet aside from the beyblade they have 3 weeks ago. But guess what they have so much in mind already and they even have their list in mind of what to buy the next time. Daddy was planning to buy outdoor toys first, like bicycle and of course that comes with the helmet and other protectors so expect that it will cost too much already. We just have our budget for kids shopping and that includes their toy and clothes already so first things first and they chose to have their bike among others. I hope they would have it next month.  I was teasing them to choose another toy than bike and I’ll buy immediately like cars for Ethan and dolls for Ishi. There are so many kinds of dolls online to choose from like those Matryoshka nesting dolls or a Russian dolls.  But of course they chose to have outdoor toys and ask me to buy it after the bikes, so clever!



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