Last Drop of Summer

¬†Summer vacation is near to it’s end and our students will be back to school soon! My kids are asking when it’s gonna be. I have a feeling that they are also excited but sometimes I can see in their eyes that they still wanted to enjoy the summer. The last time they attended school was March. That’s the end of the class in our country and April and May was their summer vacation. So it’s been a while since the last day of their school. I guess they got enough rest from the school stress (if that’s what they are feeling). The difference is that we didn’t have so much fun this summer. No beaches like in¬†Hawaii real estate, no fun activities but travelling and shopping for them. Soon we will make sure that we will going to any beach near our place. We all love beach but even if we do, we really can’t go this summer so maybe next time. For now, we were enjoying the last drop of summer by playing with my kids indoor and if the weather is fine, swimming within our community is also one of our summer fun.

Hope everyone gets to enjoy their summer vacation! Soon it’s going to be school time and then my favorite season – fall.

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